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Definition of Biff

  • (boxing) a blow with the fist
  • strike, usually with the fist

How to use biff in a sentence. Biff pronunciation.

I called his attention to the poster outside the Euston Theatre of The Two Biffs; for all the regard he showed he might never even have heard of them.
Didn't they call you Biff Gale in college?
You were quite right, to biff me-because I know you wanted to.

Examples of Biff

Example #1
The monumental masonry by Portland Road failed to uplift him.
Example #2
I pointed out King's Cross to him; he wouldn't even bark at it.
Example #3
Dick, you were one of the best men Stagg ever developed.
Example #4
Yet what a relief to let out that long-congested burden! "Fight!
Example #5
So there's the end of it.
Example #6
Tell the others it is just one of my moods.