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How to use billy-a in a sentence. Billy-a pronunciation.

Bill-came within one of calling you Billy-a great many men succeed in law not because they are bright, but because they are stupid.
These, he soon discovered, had removed themselves, under the leadership of "Kaiser Billy"-as his brother had christened the big old male which had frightened them both by his shadow on the cliff-to the further side of the tableland, placing the width of the plateau between the brothers and themselves.
And that was Billy-a GIRL!

Examples of Billy-a

Example #1
I never see a jackass that I don't think of a judge-some judges that I know.
Example #2
You might put them in print, but not under your own name.
Example #3
After noticing these new arrivals carefully, although he would not fire at any of them, thinking it needless destruction to kill any creatures but such as were required for food or other purposes, such as the seals, Fritz made after the goats.
Example #4
These latter were beautifully plumaged, Fritz thought, the wings and body being delicately harmonised in white and pale grey, while tiny black heads and red beaks and feet, further improved their dainty appearance.
Example #5
People near him at that moment saw a flushed-faced, nervous-appearing man throw up his hands with a despairing gesture, roll his eyes heavenward, and then plunge into the nearest telephone booth.
Example #6
He could see even the pretty curve of her cheek, and of her slender throat when she lifted her head.