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How to use bird-foot in a sentence. Bird-foot pronunciation.

This must be a 'bird-foot violet,'" "It is, and there's more meaning in the name than in the one the yellow bell suffers from.
The street sparrows, pestiferous and persistent as they are, would forsake my sylvan pageant if I spoke of the Bird-foot Violet as the 'Viola Pedata'; and the commonest cur would run howling if he beard the gentle Poison Dogwood maligned as the 'Rhus Venenata'.
We bring deep-purple bird-foot violets.

Examples of Bird-foot

Example #1
Do you suppose there are any violets up in the woods?
Example #2
Don't you think it looks like a bird's claw?
Example #3
The very milk-cans would turn to their native pumps in disgust from my attempt to invoke our simple American Cowslip as the 'Dodecatheon Meadia'.
Example #4
As long as I talk of cat-tail rushes, the homeless grimalkins of the areas and the back fences help me to a vision of the swamps thickly studded with their stiff spears; but if I called them 'Typha Latifolia', or even 'Typha Angustifolia', there is not the hardiest and fiercest prowler of the roof and the fire-escape but would fly the sound of my voice and leave me forlorn amid the withered foliage of my dream.
Example #5
We bring the hyacinth-violet, sweet, bare, chill to the touch- and violets whiter than the in-rush of your own white surf.
Example #6
Yellow violets' gold, burnt with a rare tint- violets like red ash among tufts of grass.