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Some day, if you are in the woods or the fields, and see one bird-or two-acting in this queer way, as though it could not fly or walk, and as though it wanted you to hurry after it and try to catch it-if you see a bird acting that way you may be sure you are near its nest and eggs and this is the way the bird does to get you away.
I did not know then-what I have since learned well-that you can always tell when the rush or spring or blow of any beast or bird-or of any man, for that matter-will surely come by watching the eye closely.
Here we have a northern winter bird-or, at least, one that we associate with winter and call the Snowbird; for everybody sees him on his autumn and winter travels, and knows his Sparrow-like call-note, while his summer home is so far north or so high on mountains that few visit him in the tangled woodlands where he sings a pretty trilling song to his mate.

Examples of Bird-or

Example #1
But this particular kind of bird always does that.
Example #2
Not all birds act this way-pretending to be hurt, or that they can't fly-to get people to chase after them, and so keep far away from the little nests.
Example #3
There is a fire that blazes in the eye before the blow comes, before ever a muscle has stirred to do the brain's quick bidding.
Example #4
I had never seen so big a bird before, and bent over him wondering at his long bill, admiring his intensely bright eye.
Example #5
A flock was always sure to come in October and stay until the last of April, or even into May if the season was cold.
Example #6
A Weed Warrior and a member of the Tree Trappers and Ground Gleaners in nesting-time.