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How to use bishop-a in a sentence. Bishop-a pronunciation.

He was the paragon of a bishop,-a man of transcendent dignity of character, as well as a Father of the Church Universal, of whom all Christendom should be proud.
There was his king defied by a bishop-a bishop which had been hobnobbing with pawns in one corner of the board, and which he could have sworn he had captured and removed full twenty minutes before.
By and by came an Italian priest, who acted as secretary to the Bishop-a poor little man who grew yellower and yellower, was always shivering, and seemed to be shrivelled into growing smaller and smaller by the Scottish winds, but who had a most keen and intelligent face.

Examples of Bishop-a

Example #1
Among Leo's memorable acts as one of the great lights of his age was the part he was called upon to perform as a powerful intercessor with barbaric kings.
Example #2
He encouraged literature and missions and schools and the spread of the Bible.
Example #3
He mentioned this impression to Halibut.
Example #4
Then did his gaze wander from knight to bishop and bishop to castle in a vain search for succour.
Example #5
The little ones were carried off by Mary and Nurse Ankaret; and the King, his elder sisters, and the other youths of condition betook themselves, followed by half-a-dozen great dogs, to the court, where the Drummonds wanted to exhibit the horses procured for the journey, and James and Jean to show the hawks that were the pride of their heart.
Example #6
The meal over, the silver bowls were carried round with water to wash the hands by the two young Drummonds, sons of Glenuskie, and by the King's pages, youths of about the same age, after which the Bishop and Sir Patrick asked licence of the King to retire for consultation to the Bishop's apartment, a permission which, as may well be believed, he granted readily, only rejoicing that he was not wanted.