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How to use bisnagi in a sentence. Bisnagi pronunciation.

Long, slender arms of the ocotillo encroached upon the road; broad, round leaves did likewise; fluted columns, fallen like timbers in a forest, lay along the narrow margins; the bayonet cactus and the bisnagi leaned threateningly; clusters of maguey, shadowed by the huge, looming saguaro, infringed upon the highway to Mezquital.
There were open spots and aisles and squares of sand; and hedging rows of prickly pear and the huge spider-legged ocatillo and hummocky masses of clustered bisnagi.
He had selected a field of bisnagi cactus for the place of rest.

Examples of Bisnagi

Example #1
And every leaf and blade and branch of cactus bore wicked thorns, any one of which would be fatal to a tire.
Example #2
Moreover, the cactus plants assumed an alarming ability to impede progress.
Example #3
The day grew dry and hot.
Example #4
The way was a flat, sandy pass between low mountain ranges.
Example #5
Presently his reason became obvious.
Example #6
At noon Yaqui halted the cavalcade.