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How to use bit-ring in a sentence. Bit-ring pronunciation.

He untied the rope from the bit-ring, leaped into the saddle, and emerged cautiously from the shed.
I had left enough of the rope, between the bit-ring and the girths, to enable me to check and guide the animal, in case the drag upon my body should be too painful.
You hear the hoof-stroke on the hard plain, the "crop" of the browsing steed, and the tinkling of the bit-ring, for the horses eat bridled.
The mustangs, bridled and saddled, were standing quietly out upon the platform; and a lasso, tied to the bit-ring of one of them, was coiled around the wrist of the Indian.

Examples of Bit-ring

Example #1
The wet snow muffled the sound of the horse's hoofs.
Example #2
There was no one within sight or hearing.
Example #3
All this while the dumb brute seemed to comprehend what I was about.
Example #4
I then looped the trailing end, making it secure around my body.
Example #5
At intervals, a drowsy hunter mutters through his sleep, battling in dreams with some terrible foe.
Example #6
You hear the "flap, flap" of his long wings as he dashes down among the cocuyos.