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A sister of this wife had afterwards married a Spanish gentleman named Blanquote, whose second son, having fallen into disgrace in Spain, had gone to America, where he changed his name to Raminez, and performed a number of discreditable deeds, among which was the deception of several of his discreditable comrades in regard to his family.
For five or six years there had been inquiries on foot concerning the second son of Senor Blanquote of Granada, whose elder brother had died without heirs, and who, if now living, would inherit Blanquote's estates.
It is sufficient to state that he was ultimately able to prove that the Rackbird chief known as Raminez was, in reality, Tomaso Blanquote, that he had perished on the coast of Peru, and that he, the professor, was legal heir to the Blanquote estates.

Examples of Blanquote

Example #1
They could not help knowing that he came from Spain, and he made them all believe that his real name was Raminez.
Example #2
This was an action of the eyebrows which was peculiar to the Darcias of Granada, from which family the professor's father had taken a wife, and had brought her to Paris.
Example #3
It was known that this man had led a wild and disgraceful career, and it was also ascertained that he had gone to America, and had been known on the Isthmus of Panama and elsewhere by the name of Raminez.
Example #4
When Ralph left him, the professor gave himself up to reflections upon what he had heard, and he gradually came to believe that there might be some reason for his identification as the bandit captain by the man Banker.
Example #5
Barre had not been able to lead his pupil to as high a place in the temple of knowledge as he had hoped, but, through his acquaintance with that pupil, he himself had become possessed of a castle in Spain.
Example #6
It is not necessary to follow out the legal steps and inquiries, based upon the information which he had had from Ralph and from Banker, which were now made by the professor.