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It is pleasant to remember, as some exception to this general want of interest in the subject, that in 1843 there was held at Gore House, Kensington, then the fashionable residence of Lady Blessington, an exhibition of old furniture; and a series of lectures, illustrated by the contributions, was given by Mr., now Sir, J.C. Robinson.
Gore House was once the home of Wilberforce and Lord Rodney, but is better known as the residence of the late Countess of Blessington.
To the Countess of Blessington.
The same expression, "my _moral_ Clytemnestra," is applied to his wife in a letter to Lord Blessington, dated April 6, 1823.
It may be noted that it was in April, 1823, that Byron presented a copy of the "Lines," etc., to Lady Blessington (_Conversations, etc.
He told Lady Blessington, however, that his "feelings were never more excited than while writing it, and that every word came direct from the heart" (_Conversations, etc.
They were sent, as Lady Blessington testifies, to Kinnaird, and are probably identical with the "mere verses of society," mentioned in the letter to Murray of May 8, 1820.
But Blessington's ingenuous face satisfied him.
Blessington put his hand to his neat tie and pulled it.
There was a moment in which Chilcote hesitated, a moment in which the desire that had filled his mind for months rose to his lips and hung there; then the question, the incredulity in Blessington's face, chilled it and it fell back into silence.
Still doubtfully, Blessington left the room and closed the door.
With an effort he pulled out his notes and smoothed them nervously; but though his gaze was fixed on the pages, not a line of Blessington's clear writing reached his mind.
He was a small, shy man, with few social attainments but an extraordinary amount of learning-the antithesis of the alert Blessington, whom he had replaced.
Blessington looked at her, then smiled again, his buoyancy restored.
Blessington's face suddenly looked grave.
Eve and Blessington both turned involuntarily.
But Eve was silent, waiting for him to address Blessington.
She colored slightly and glanced under her lashes at Blessington.

Examples of Blessington

Example #1
Le tems a touché mon front de ses doigts rudes et pesans, et les roses ont fui de mes joues; alors ce serait sûrement une folie de rechercher maintenant les louanges dues à la beauté.
Example #2
Mais comme les pélerins qui visitent le tombeau de quelque saint, emportent avec eux une relique précieuse, je demande un souvenir de toi, comme un trésor précieux pour m'accompagner dans mon pélerinage.
Example #3
The Venetian State chair, illustrated on p. 57, was amongst the examples lent by the Queen on that occasion.
Example #4
Specimens of Boule's work and some good pieces of Italian Renaissance were also exhibited.
Example #5
It is now a hotel.
Example #6
Soyer is the great master of ceremonies in London for all matters of the _cuisine.