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Hij gevoelt wel liefde voor SINTE GHEERTRUUT, doch het is hoofsche liefde: Ghestade te bliven in horen dienst Sonder enich dorperheit; De ridder in het volkslied is een type van gewone menschelijkheid; hij houdt van eten en drinken en tournooien en ledigt den beker tot den bodem; hij kan zijn hartstocht voor de schoone non tenauwernood bedwingen: als hij haar in het klooster eens niet mag zien of spreken, vreest hij dat zijn hart breken zal.
The lady interviewer, Miss Augusta Blivens, had gone trembling into the presence of Harold Parmalee, to be instantly put at her ease by the young artist's simple, unaffected manner.
When drawing a gallon of kerosene or refolding the shown dress goods, or at any task not requiring him to be genially talkative, he would be saying to Miss Augusta Blivens in far-off Hollywood, "Yes, my wife is more than a wife.
Some six months later that representative magazine, Silver Screenings, emblazoned upon its front cover a promise that in the succeeding number would appear a profusely illustrated interview by Augusta Blivens with that rising young screen actor, Merton Gill.
The poor idiot insists on Blivens, desiring to perpetuate the family monicker.

Examples of Bliven

Example #1
Nergens blijkt dat zoo duidelijk als bij het eerste afscheid van den ridder, wanneer hij al zijn goed in den dienst van SINTE GHEERTRUUT heeft verteerd.
Example #2
Het is er HILDEGAERSBERCH van den aanvang af om te doen, zijnen hoorders de beteekenis van de Sint-Geerteminne uit te leggen; ook andere deelen der stof wenscht hij voor het verstand zijner hoorders aannemelijker te maken, zoo b.v.
Example #3
He chatted of his early struggles when he was only too glad to accept the few paltry hundreds of dollars a week that were offered him in minor parts; of his quick rise to eminence; of his unceasing effort to give the public something better and finer; of his love for the great out-of-doors; and of his daily flight to the little nest that sheltered his pal wife and the kiddies.
Example #4
For this was the screen artist whom Merton most envied, and whom he conceived himself most to resemble in feature.
Example #5
He lived in a vortex of mental confusion, performing his tasks mechanically.
Example #6
He must do up sugar and grind coffee and measure dress goods and match silks; he must with the suavest gentility ask if there would not be something else to-day; and he must see that babies hazardously left on counters did not roll off.