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How to use blue-back in a sentence. Blue-back pronunciation.

Got my old blue-back Webster, onliest book I ever had, scusin my Bible.
Got my ol' blue-back Webster, onliest book I evah had, 'scusin' mah Bible.
They made me study books, generally a blue-back spelling book as punishment for mean things I done.
Where Webster's Blue-back Speller was the only standard text, And supplied the place of grammar that our late forefathers vexed; Where they never heard of Latin or the Greek subjunctive mode, But sang their mult-plication like a patriotic ode?

Examples of Blue-back

Example #1
Think I wanna throw dat stuff away?
Example #2
I was willin to go, but I wanted to take my trunk along an dey wouldn't let me.
Example #3
Think I wanna th'ow dat away?
Example #4
I be'n havin' nigh onto a hunnert years.
Example #5
My Missus, a young lady about 16 years old taught a Sunday School class of colored boys and girls.
Example #6
I could read and write when the war was up.