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A narrow ribbon of light green water between two interminable sand-banks, growing gradually higher as they advanced southward; a huge "dredger" every here and there, lying like a castle upon the water, with a clamorous garrison of blue-shirted men and red-capped boys; an occasional tug-boat, disdainfully greeted by Herrick as "Puffing Billy"; a distant caravan, with its endless file of camels and horses and men, melting away in curve after curve, like some mighty serpent, far back into the quivering haze that hovered over the hot brassy desert-such were the main features of the famous passage, begun by Pharaoh-Necho, and finished by Lesseps.
A public meeting was convened; blue-shirted diggers made stirring appeals to their auditory; a deputation was appointed to proceed instantly to Melbourne to remonstrate with the Government, and to implore it to adopt energetic measures for extirpating the "hordes of ruffians" that infested their neighbourhood, and the persons of many of whom were well known there.
At the foot of the hill a shadow crossed her path, and a blue-shirted arm dexterously but gently relieved her of her burden.
Smith's Pocket, bearded, blue-shirted, and belligerent, crowding about this locality, from time to time uttered appeals to justice that swelled on the night wind, not infrequently coupling these invocations with the name of that eminent jurist- Lynch.
The square-shouldered, blue-shirted Magon was skirting the turnip field, making a short cut home.
Then the blue-shirted, sinewy men, who strolled past, smoking, roused her curiosity.

Examples of Blue-shirted

Example #1
The sun was sinking as they cast anchor for the night before Ismailia, and saw the mouth of the Sweetwater Canal, and the docks and houses of the brand-new town which the late sovereign of Egypt built and named after himself, fading into the fast-falling darkness.
Example #2
Here, for the first time, he saw a _punka_, or monster fan, worked by a rope, and hung from the ceiling of a room.
Example #3
In October 1852 at a place called Moonlight Flat (near Forest Creek), these desperadoes had become so numerous and shameless, and their outrages so frequent, that the miners rose _en masse_ against them.
Example #4
Every night horses were stolen, tents broken into, and "holes" plundered of gold by the "night fossickers"-miscreants who watched for the richest "holes" during the day, marked them, and plundered them at night.
Example #5
Miss Mary was both embarrassed and angry.
Example #6
It was a hot day, and not long after this, that two short-legged boys came to grief on the threshold of the school with a pail of water, which they had laboriously brought from the spring, and that Miss Mary compassionately seized the pail and started for the spring herself.