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Next morning I was awakened by the voice of my man Gode, who appeared to be in high spirits, singing a snatch of a Canadian boat-song.
There were Frenchmen, Canadian voyageurs, strays of the north-west company, wearing white capotes, and chatting, dancing, and singing their boat-songs with all the _esprit_ of their race.
The boatmen sang a Gaelic _joram_ or boat-song in the cave, striking their oars very violently in time with the music, which resounded finely through the vault, and was echoed back by roof and pillar.

Examples of Boat-song

Example #1
The night of our arrival was given to feasting and making merry.
Example #2
On reaching it we halted, camping without the walls. Saint Vrain, several other _proprietaires_, and myself, took up our quarters at the Fonda, where we endeavoured, by means of the sparkling vintage of El Paso, to make ourselves oblivious of the hardships we had endured in the passage of the plains.
Example #3
There were pueblos, Indios manzos, clad in their ungraceful tilmas, and rather serving than associating with those around them.
Example #4
There were individuals belonging to neither, and others partaking of the character of one or all.
Example #5
One of them, also, fired a gun, with the view of producing a still stronger effect of the same kind.
Example #6
Yet we question whether we could have been more deeply sensible of the beauty and grandeur of the scene than we were under the unusual circumstances we have described.