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Definition of Bobbery

  • A squabble; a tumult; a commotion; a noisy disturbance; as, to raise a bobbery.

How to use bobbery in a sentence. Bobbery pronunciation.

He had talked to her during the whole of dinner the night before about jackal-hunting with a bobbery pack-not at all an elevated mind.
He joined the crowds, vociferated and shouted among them at the top of his lungs, and took the liberty of laying down the law on the subject, as he termed it: that is to say, of swearing that one stick or stone of their dirty Establishment should not be left upon another, but that the whole bobbery of it must be sent to blazes-where it would all go yet, plaise God.
That woke them confounded rooks up, out o' their fust nap, and kick't up such a bobbery.
The tall fellow denied it, and there was a devil of a bobbery.
Still, observation I was out to get, so, spreading my bobbery pack, I worked closer and closer.

Examples of Bobbery

Example #1
Yes, he might be a very good fellow, but as a companion for life she was sure he would not be at all suitable.
Example #2
Hugh Taverel did not come near it-very far short, indeed!
Example #3
Of course his neighbor, the parson, was by no means cognizant of this violence on the part of M'Mahon, or he would never have thought of applying to him, even under the severest pressure of absolute destitution.
Example #4
He assailed, in fact, the whole Establishment, and took both an active and conspicuous part in the excitement which then agitated the country.
Example #5
If I could sleep in the day, I'de turn in too.
Example #6
The moment I came in it was as dumb as a quaker's meetin'.