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W., Bangham, W.W., Bell, E.B., Bouchillon, H.M., Bouchillon, J.S., Bull, W.W., Bussey, T.J., Bird, D., Bird, W., Brown, R., Brown, W.M., Brown, E., Brown, M., Brown, J., Bussey, D., Bodie, J.R., Carr, N., Caldwell, J.W., Corley, J.A., Corley, C., Collins, J.F., Crawford, J.R., Cothran, J.M., Crestian, J.T., Covin, O.W., Cook, S., Curry, W.L., Dean, F., Devore, S., Devore, J.S., Devore, J.W., Doollittle, J.E., Doollittle, S., Ennis, J.O., Ennis, G.W., Ennis, T.W., Elam, J., Evans, J., Freeland, J.P., Frith, T., Gardner, W.T., Gardner, A.H., Glansier, P., Griffin, E., Hamilton, W.M., Harrison, H.C., Harrison, J., Hasteing, J., Harris, A., Henderson, C., Henderson, J.E., Hendrix, H.H., Hughes, J.S., Hill, T., Horn, S., Hannon, W., Holsomback, H.H., Hill, J., Hemphill, -, Hardy, J., Holloway, W.J., Ivy, T., Irvin, J., Johnson, E.C., Jeno, M., Jennings, C., King, W.M., King, T., King, S., Lawton, F.E., Lawton, J.W., Lawton, A., Lawton, L., Ludwick, W.C., Lukewire, H., Mathis, T.E., Mayson, R.C., Mayson, P.A., Mayson, J., Mayson, J.C., Martin, H.D., McCain, W.J., Miner, J., Miner, W., Merriweather, R., McKinney, J., McKelvin, G.T., Martin, A.M., McCannon, W.R., Moore, J.D., Medlock, A., Newby, G.W., Purdy, J.H., Price, W.C., Price, R., Price, H., Rich, J.S., Robertson, J.B., Robertson, H., Rearden, L.D., Rodgers, P.A., Rodgers, P., Sperry, E.C., Shadrack, T.N., Shannon, W.N., Scott, W.D., Shover, W., Steadman, J., Sheppard, L., Towles, E., Tompkins, S., Tompkins, W., Timmerman, F., Taggart, P., Vaughn, J., Vaughn, D., Weeks, C., Whitton, C., Walker, B.C., Walker, C., Whatley, E., Weeks, S., Weems, J.T., New, S., Smith, W.H., Robertson, J.S., Davis, W.M., Reynolds, J.M., Crawford, J.W., Vaughn, W.
He tell you Sir, and tell you truth; this rascall Feares neither God nor man, has beene so beaten: Sufferance has made him wanscote; he has had Since hee was first a slave, at least three hundred daggers Set in his head, as little boyes doe new knives in hot meat; Ther's not a rib in's bodie a my conscience, That has not beene thrice broken with drie beating; And now his sides looke like to wicker targets, Everie way bended: Children will shortly take him for a wall, And set their stone-bowes in his forhead: is of so low a sence, I cannot in a weeke imagine what should be done to him.
He make these witherd Kexes beare my bodie Two houres together above ground.
That are the author of the loathedst crime Five ages have brought forth, and heare me speake Curses incurable, and all the evils Mans bodie or his spirit can receive Be with thee.
When any one hath deserued death, or that they take any of their enemies in Warres, first they kill him, then with certaine kniues they giue great slashes and strokes vpon their buttocks, flankes, thighs, and shoulders: then they cast the same bodie so mangled downe to the bottome of the riuer, in a place where the said Esurgny is, and there leaue it ten or 12 houres, then they take it vp againe, and in the cuts find the said Esurgny or Cornibotz.
They haue in the middlemost part of their houses a large square place, being from side to side a good stones cast, whither we were brought, and there with signes were commanded to stay: then suddenly all the women and maidens of the towne gathered themselues together, part of which had their armes full of young children, and as many as could came to rubbe our faces, our armes, and what part of the bodie soeuer they could touch, weeping for very ioy that they saw vs, shewing vs the best countenance that possibly they could, desiring vs with their signes, that it would please vs to touch their children.
They are as great as Porposes, as white as any snow, their bodie and head fashioned as a grayhound, they are wont alwaies to abide between the fresh and salt water, which beginneth betweene the riuer of Saguenay and Canada.
The next day, being the 9 of August, in the morning so early that it was yet darke, we landed neere the dwelling place of our enemies, and very secretly conueyed our selues through the woods, to that side, where we had their houses betweene vs and the water: and hauing espied their fire, and some sitting about it, we presently set on them: the miserable soules herewith amazed, fled into a place of thicke reedes, growing fast by, where our men perceiuing them, shot one of them through the bodie with a bullet, and therewith we entered the reedes, among which we hoped to acquite their euill doing towards vs, but we were deceiued, for those Sauages were our friends, and were come from Croatoan to gather the corne and fruit of that place, because they vnderstood our enemies were fled immediatly after they had slaine George Howe, and for haste had left all their corne.
Wherefore I caused the two barks forthwith to be made readie, wherein I sailed to Patica, a place distant from his village 8 or 9 leagues, where I found no bodie, for they were gotten into the woods, and would not shew themselues, albeit Vtina shewed himselfe vnto them, for as much as they imagined that I should be constrained to let him go.
Now after I had long discoursed with Captaine Ribault, Captaine la Grange accosted mee, and told me of an infinite number of false reports which had bene made of mee to my great hinderance: and among other things he informed me, that my Lord Admirall tooke it very euill that I had caried a woman with mee: likewise that some bodie had tolde him that I went about to counterfeit the King, and to play the tyrant: that I was too cruell vnto the men that went with mee: that I sought to be aduanced by other meanes then by my Lord Admirall: and that I had written to many Lords of the Court, which I ought not to haue done.
But as he went about (M577) to charge it the third time, Olotocara, which had not learned to keepe his ranke, or rather moued with rage, lept on the platforme, and thrust him through the bodie with his pike and slew him.
One night the wolues gatte from him the corpse of a little child, the sonne of a principal Indian: and going after them he threw a darte at one of the wolues and wounde him that carried away the corps, who feeling himselfe wounded, left it, and fell downe dead neere the place: and hee not seeing what he had done, because it was night, went backe againe to the Temple: the morning being come, and finding not the bodie of the child, he was very sad.
Assoone as Vcita knew therof, he resolued to put him to death; and sent by the track, which he said the wolues went, and found the bodie of the child and the wolfe dead a little beyond: whereat Vcita was much concerned with the Christian, and with the watch which hee kept in the Temple, and from thence forward esteemed him much.
The Gouernour pacified them; telling them that among the Christians, all was one to sit on the one side or on the other, willing them so to behaue themselues, seeing they were with him, that no bodie might heare them, and that euery one should sit in the place that first hee lighted on.
His bodie is full of haire, but not very thicke; and it is of a dunnish colour.
To his brother Simon he bequeaths “the best apparrell of my bodie, with riding furniture, and my baie gelding, rapier, dagger, and pistol,” and further bequests.
He would be thinkin' o' his mither, puir bodie, at hame her lane.
She was but a feckless bodie, and no' ay that easy to deal wi', but she's a sair miss in the hoose.
They say this towne is full of cosenage: As nimble Iuglers that deceiue the eie: Darke working Sorcerers that change the minde: Soule-killing Witches, that deforme the bodie: Disguised Cheaters, prating Mountebankes; And manie such like liberties of sinne: If it proue so, I will be gone the sooner: Ile to the Centaur to goe seeke this slaue, I greatly feare my monie is not safe. Enter.
Where I may thinke the remnant of my thoughts In peace: and part this bodie and my soule With contemplation, and deuout desires Sal.

Examples of Bodie

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Deason, A., Ballard, F.S., McCaine, J.K., Hendrix, M.F., Berdeshaw, W.C., Dorn, J.J., Bird, M., Attaway, S. Privates: Adams, J.Q., Bearden.
Example #2
Huger, Magruder, and Holmes were rather slow, but the courage and endurance of their troops made up for the shortcomings of their commanders.
Example #3
I would see him, but I shall have no patience: _Mar_.
Example #4
No, would shee had beene, The fault had had more credit: I would doe something.
Example #5
Nay, goe, my businesse requires haste.
Example #6
Good God preserve you, you are an excellent King. _Spa_.