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How to use bodingly in a sentence. Bodingly pronunciation.

Sorrowfully and bodingly Mansfeld withdrew to consult again with the State Council.
All eyes turned to a sage old man, the oracle of the village, who, leaning both hands on his crutch, shook his head bodingly.
I could not help reflecting bodingly upon the intemperate zeal with which middle-aged men are apt to surfeit themselves upon a seductive folly which they have tasted for the first time.

Examples of Bodingly

Example #1
The mutineers then made a demonstration upon Mechlin, but that city having fortunately strengthened its garrison, was allowed to escape.
Example #2
Give them money, or give them a City, these were their last terms.
Example #3
For what is real life?
Example #4
Even as the slightest incident in the daytime causes our dreams at night, but is itself clean forgotten, so the name, so the look of the visitor, might have sufficed but to influence a vision, as remote from its casual suggester as what we call real life is from that life much more real, that we imagine, or remember, in the haunted chambers of the brain.
Example #5
And yet I did not feel that I had a right to be surprised at the state of things which was giving me so much concern.
Example #6
I trembled to think of the ruined purses this day's performances might result in.