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The country was jockeyed and stampeded into the folly it has committed; and who can say what may be the next folly into which we shall fall, if we do not awaken to a truer sense of the duty that rests upon every member of a lawmaking body-to decide these grave questions in accordance with the dictates of his own honest and intelligent judgment?
His soul seemed to escape from the body-to mount on the air, to gain more rapid access to the far Throne in the Infinite-when his breath went forth among the winds, and his eyes rested fixed on the stars of heaven.
He only looked at it for a moment before he closed the curtains again, but that moment steadied him, calmed him, restored him-mind and body-to himself.
You must take me with you to this place-to the spot where you found the ring-to the spot where you found the body-to the spot where-where HE lies.

Examples of Body-to

Example #1
Thus at no stage of the game was there given to this tremendous Constitutional departure anything even distantly approaching the kind of consideration that such a step demands.
Example #2
Congressmen disposed to take their responsibility lightly, and yet not altogether without conscience, voted with the feeling that their act was not final, when they might otherwise have shrunk from doing what their Judgment told them was wrong; and, the thing once through Congress, Legislatures hastened to ratify in the feeling that ratification by the requisite number of Legislatures was manifestly a foregone conclusion.
Example #3
So the boy prayed silently; and after his prayer he was about, lingeringly, to close the lattice, when he heard distinctly sobs close at hand.
Example #4
He put up his papers; and opened his window, as was his ordinary custom, before he retired to rest,-for he had many odd habits; and he loved to look out into the night when he prayed.
Example #5
He returned to his old occupation of walking up and down the room, persevering in it this time till the clock struck again.
Example #6
No stir, no change there!