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A former pope had granted to Portugal all the lands it might discover in Africa, south of Cape Bojador, and the Spanish crown had assented by treaty to this arrangement.
Then, in order to make Portugal's claim very sure to whatever she might find, Pope Martin V. issued an order that all land which might be discovered between Cape Bojador (on the most southerly point of the Morocco coast) and the Indies should belong to Portugal, no matter what navigator discovered it.
It was a bitter pill for poor King John to swallow, and straightway his scheming old brain began to hatch a pretext for getting the new lands for himself. "Pope Martin V.," he reminded his visitor, "conceded to the Crown of Portugal all lands that might be discovered between Cape Bojador and the Indies, and your new discovery therefore belongs to me rather than to Spain.

Examples of Bojador

Example #1
Ferdinand and Isabella could now refer to this precedent, in asking for a grant to them of their discoveries on the western side of the Atlantic.
Example #2
There was at least one precedent for such action.
Example #3
But the Crusades were unsuccessful, and so the question of ownership of land outside of Europe never came up until Prince Henry sent out his discoverers.
Example #4
If two or three Christian rulers united to seize Mohammedan territory and were victorious, the Pope was to decide which one should own it.
Example #5
His story made king and courtiers feel uncomfortably foolish for not having been willing to take the risk Spain had taken.
Example #6
Our Admiral is not to be blamed, therefore, if he took a deep delight in painting his new world in the rosiest colors possible.