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How to use bommel in a sentence. Bommel pronunciation.

It was now resolved that all the votes of the assembly should consist of five: one for the nobles and large cities of Holland, one for the estates of Zealand, one for the small cities of Holland, one for the cities Bommel and Buren, and the fifth for William of Orange.
Leicester was in Bommel when he heard of Baron Hemart's faint-heartedness or treachery, and his wrath was extravagant in proportion to the exultation with which his previous success had inspired him.

Examples of Bommel

Example #1
An aid-de-camp of Parma fastened his steed one day at the door of the Prince's tent, while he entered to receive his commander's instructions.
Example #2
The Prince thus effectually held in his hands three votes: his own, that of the small cities, which through his means only had been admitted to the assembly, and thirdly, that of Buren, the capital of his son's earldom.
Example #3
He breathed nothing but revenge against the coward and the traitor, who had delivered up the town in "such lewd and beastly sort.
Example #4
He could therefore-to his chagrin-no longer save that important city, but he could, at least, cut off the head of the culprit.