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The Prison of Bonivard 3.
François Bonivard (there is no contemporary authority for "Bonnivard") was born in 1493.
I know not whether he did it by the duke's orders or of his own accord; but sure it is that I had so much leisure for walking, that I wore in the rock which was the pavement a track or little path, as it had been made with a hammer" (_Chroniques des Ligues_ de Stumpf, addition de Bonivard).
There was a deal of human nature in Bonivard, with the result that, at times, conduct fell short of pretension and principle.
For Bonivard's account of his second imprisonment, see _Les Chroniques de Genève_, tom.
The fifth column is said to be the one to which Bonivard was chained during four years.
The belief or tradition that Bonivard's prison is "below the surface of the lake," for which Shelley as well as Rousseau is responsible, but which Byron only records in verse, may be traced to a statement attributed to Bonivard himself, who says (_Mémoires, etc.
Byron's Doge is almost, if not quite, as unhistorical as his Bonivard or his Mazeppa.

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Example #1
The Right Honourable Richard Brinsley Sheridan, from a Portrait in Oils by Sir Joshua Reynolds, P.R.A., in the Possession of Mrs. Horace Pym of Foxwold Chace 4.
Example #2
Lord Byron, from an Engraving after a Drawing by G. H. Harlowe 2.
Example #3
Be that as it may, Senebier's prose is in some respects as unhistorical as Byron's verse, and stands in need of some corrections and additions.
Example #4
It was not Byron's way to invent imaginary authorities, but rather to give his references with some pride and particularity, and it is possible that this unacknowledged and hitherto unverified "account" was supplied by some literary acquaintance, who failed to explain that his information was common property.
Example #5
After he had been liberated, "par la grace de Dieu donnee a Mess^rs^ de Berne," he returned to Geneva, and was made a member of the Council of the State, and awarded a house and a pension of two hundred crowns a year.
Example #6
For the first two years he was lodged in a room near the governor's quarters, and was fairly comfortable; but a day came when the duke paid a visit to Chillon; and "then," he writes, "the captain thrust me into a cell lower than the lake, where I lived four years.