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How to use borderman in a sentence. Borderman pronunciation.

Made a comrade and ally of these bordermen, Dick Gale had leaped at the desert action and strife with an intensity of heart and a rare physical ability which accounted for the remarkable fact that he had not yet fallen by the way.
But the spirit, not the letter, counts with us bordermen.
The day had been one of toil, and when our two bordermen sat down near the spring, to take their evening meal, each felt glad that his work was done.
Hostilities were continued throughout the long line of our frontier settlements, and two of the Senecas having been killed by some bordermen of Pennsylvania, a great excitement was awakened among them.

Examples of Borderman

Example #1
On this December afternoon the three rangers, as often, were separated.
Example #2
Slow to wrath at first, as became men who had long lived peaceful lives, they had at length revolted; and desert vultures could have told a gruesome story.
Example #3
Maybe the law might uphold you.
Example #4
I don't suppose you could be accused of stealing another man's ideas or plan, but sure you've stolen these four claims.
Example #5
In the course of the afternoon the honey was deposited in kegs, the kegs were transferred to the canoe, and the whole deposited in the chiente.
Example #6
As there were axes, and wedges, and a beetle in the canoe, and Gershom was as expert with these implements as a master of fencing is with his foil, to say nothing of the skill of le Bourdon, the tree was soon laid open, and its ample stores of sweets exposed.