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It continues, "and to that other island which they call Bosio" (probably Bohio) "and the others which are on the way, I will see these in passing.
The present urns were not of one capacity, the largest containing above a gallon, some not much above half that measure; nor all of one figure, wherein there is no strict conformity in the same or different countries; observable from those represented by Casalius, Bosio, and others, though all found in Italy; while many have handles, ears, and long necks, but most imitate a circular figure, in a spherical and round composure; whether from any mystery, best duration or capacity, were but a conjecture.
The names in the Spanish text are Colba and Bosio, errors in transcription for Cuba and Bohio.

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Example #1
He still wished to see the king of whom the Indians had spoken, but meant afterward to go to "another very great island, which I believe must be Cipango, which they call Colba.
Example #2
The Admiral asked him for water, and they brought it gladly to the shore in calabashes.
Example #3
But the common form with necks was a proper figure, making our last bed like our first; nor much unlike the urns of our nativity while we lay in the nether part of the earth,|| and inward vault of our microcosm.
Example #4
PLAISTERED and whited sepulchres were anciently affected in cadaverous and corrupted burials; and the rigid Jews were wont to garnish the sepulchres of the righteous.
Example #5
He gives a minute description of it.
Example #6
The Indians of this island of Española call it _iguana_." Las Casas I. 314.