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The car was filled with all sorts and conditions of people returning to homes scattered through the suburbs and smaller cities north of Boston-a mixed, Sunday-night crowd; and presently she began, in a detached way, to observe them.
Ten cases of 'scrap iron' from New York to Boston-a long chance for such valuable 'scrap,' senor, but I suppose you had to get the money away from New York, at any risk.
From the facts that she is called "of Boston in New England" and was trading between that port, "the Barbadoes" and London, it is not impossible that she may have been built at Boston-a sort of namesake descendant of the historic ship-and was that MAY-FLOWER mentioned as belonging, in 1657, to Mr. Samuel Vassall; as he had large interests alike in Boston, Barbadoes, and London.

Examples of Boston-a

Example #1
Their aspects, their speech and manners had the queer effect of penetrating her consciousness without arousing the emotional judgments of approval or disapproval which normally should have followed.
Example #2
In the course of a single day she had lived a lifetime, exhausted the range of human experience, until now she was powerless to feel any more.
Example #3
Ah, a bill of lading dated to-day?
Example #4
Is there nothing else in those papers, Walter?
Example #5
Masters of vessels were often empowered to sell their ships or shares in them.
Example #6
If the same, she was apparently under both new master and owner.