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How to use bottle-o in a sentence. Bottle-o pronunciation.

He is more perfect than any alleged "larrikin" or Bottle-O character I have ever attempted to sketch, not even excepting my own beloved Benno.
Wilt thou love me, sweet, when my hair is grey Bottle-O!
But as for me, I always says for layin' out a "trap" There's nothin' like an Empty Bottle-O!
And the Bottle-o pinches the Persian!

Examples of Bottle-o

Example #1
Take the first poem for instance, where the Sentimental Bloke gets the hump.
Example #2
Also if he knows it is bad.
Example #3
Well, I've waited mighty patient while they all came rolling in, T.Y.S.O.N.
Example #4
The publishers feel it incumbent on them to say that only a few of the pieces in this volume have been seen by him in proof; and that he is not responsible for the selection, the arrangement or the title of "Saltbush Bill, J.P., and Other Verses".
Example #5
This is the story the stockman told, On the cattle camp, when the stars were bright; The moon rose up like a globe of gold And flooded the plain with her mellow light.
Example #6
And a-hidin' of the tanglefoot away.