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How to use bowl-like in a sentence. Bowl-like pronunciation.

After a few minutes' work with the jack-knives this substance was loosened and came out in two parts, showing a bowl-like depression in the slab, which had been so cut as to leave a little bar running from side to side of it.
Then it disclosed itself to be quite near-the reflection of green light from a bowl-like depression of this rocky plateau.
Behind me were furze bushes dried by the heat; immediately in front dropped the steep descent of the bowl-like hollow which received and brought up to me the faint sound of the summer waves.

Examples of Bowl-like

Example #1
There was a circular space in the centre of the stone, about eight inches in diameter, which seemed to be covered with resin.
Example #2
I had the lantern over it and did not see it.
Example #3
We reached the rim of the bowl.
Example #4
We saw presently, in the distance ahead of us, a dim green sheen of light below the horizon.
Example #5
Yonder lay the immense plain of sea, the palest green under the continued sunshine, as though the heat had evaporated the colour from it; there was no distinct horizon, a heat-mist inclosed it and looked farther away than the horizon would have done.
Example #6
I found a deep hollow on the side of a great hill, a green concave opening to the sea, where I could rest and think in perfect quiet.