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How to use box-a in a sentence. Box-a pronunciation.

Yesterday I sat in the front end of the bus, directly under the driver's box-a lady sat opposite me.
You'll not have to feel any call to mention that debut in the Atlantic-they've made me pay the grand cash for my box!-a thing which most managers would be too worldly-wise to do, with journalistic folks.
Upon that terrible night when Renie was placed in my care, there was also consigned to my keeping a box-a sealed box-which I was never to open until Renie should reach the age of twenty-one, or be called for by parties claiming her as their child.
He turned and bowed to the third occupant of the box-a remarkably young and well-dressed girl with wide-awake eyes and a retrousse nose.
We had a box-as I suppose you would call it; three of them.
Among other things I have learned that he deposited with our paymaster, taking a receipt for the same, an iron box-a small affair-which, the fellow said, contained papers regarding the history of his family.

Examples of Box-a

Example #1
She handed me her money, which was right.
Example #2
A gentleman is always expected to hand up a lady's money for her.
Example #3
But I'm most honestly glad, for I'd rather pay three prices, any time, than to have my tongue half paralyzed with a dead-head ticket.
Example #4
Hang that Anna Dickinson, a body can never depend upon her debuts!
Example #5
I was given to understand that the box contained proofs of the dear child's birth and parentage, and it was hinted that some day she would inherit an immense fortune.
Example #6
I am getting old, and at any time might die, and I have a secret which I feet I should share with you in order to guard against accidents.