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How to use boy-had in a sentence. Boy-had pronunciation.

For Borrow went on talking, and told the man, among other things, that he was stolen by Gypsies when he was a boy-had passed several years with them, but had at last been recognised at a fair in Norfolk, and brought home to his family by an uncle.
The idea that his cousin-an obscure train boy-had succeeded where he had failed seemed absurd and preposterous.
Little Harry-a fine bright boy-had been put to a good school, and was making rapid proficiency in knowledge.

Examples of Boy-had

Example #1
It was not to be expected that Borrow would conceal from the public "several years" of this kind.
Example #2
The secretary's surprise can be imagined from this alone, or if not, from what followed.
Example #3
It intensified his disappointment, and made him foolishly jealous of Fred. "There must be some mistake about this," he said harshly.
Example #4
Some of his friends at the Columbia Grammar School were going and he had intrigued, but unsuccessfully, to get a card of invitation.
Example #5
The worthy pastor of the station, in Amherstberg, where George had first landed, was so much interested in the statements of Madame de Thoux and Cassy, that he yielded to the solicitations of the former, to accompany them to Montreal, in their search,-she bearing all the expense of the expedition.
Example #6
George had found constant occupation in the shop of a worthy machinist, where he had been earning a competent support for his family, which, in the mean time, had been increased by the addition of another daughter.