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I don't suppose he was used to politeness from boys-some boys are anything but-especially to the Aged Poor.
The first four that passed were, as Dick learnt from the remarks of some of the bystanders, composed entirely of boys-some of them Christians, thirty thousand of whom had been carried off by Tippoo, in his raid on Travancore; and the young men were compelled to serve, after being obliged to become, nominally, Mohammedans.
Around, upon stones, hobs, bosses, and seats of various descriptions, sat the "boys"-some smoking and others drinking; for upon nights of this kind, a shebeen-housekeeper, uniformly a member of such societies, generally attends for the sale of his liquor, if he cannot succeed in prevailing on them to hold their meetings in his own house-a circumstance which for many reasons may not be in every case advisable.

Examples of Boys-some

Example #1
So I said, 'Good evening, Uncle,' yet once again.
Example #2
I said it again, for he stood staring at me.
Example #3
After the Chelah battalions came those of Tippoo's army.
Example #4
They remained in the town until some battalions of recruits poured out from the fort, to drill on the grounds between it and the town.
Example #5
As they had not all yet assembled, nor the business of the night commenced, they were, of course, divided into several groups and engaged in various amusements.
Example #6
A large fire of the unconsumed peat brought by the scholars on that morning, was kindled in the middle of the floor-it's usual site.