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Sons, New York and London, for permission to quote from “Organism as a Whole” and “Physiology of the Brain,” by Jacques Loeb.
The evil which weighs us down—the pain of body, the agony of soul, the sadness and dejection of heart and mind, “the madness that worketh in the brain,” muffle the voice and all but still the trembling pulse, and we are not able so much as to lift our drooping heads and tear-dimmed eyes to see the gentle Shepherd standing faithfully at our side.

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Messrs. Harper & Brothers, for permission to quote from “From the Life, Imaginary Portraits of Some Distinguished Americans,” by Harvey O’Higgins.
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Messrs. D. Appleton & Company, for permission to quote from “Corporation Finance,” by E. S. Mead.
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It is our failure to discern and apprehend Him that causes extreme agony.
Example #4
We think of God, we remember Him, but He seems afar off.