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Definition of Brainsick

  • Disordered in the understanding; giddy; thoughtless.

How to use brainsick in a sentence. Brainsick pronunciation.

Why, Warwick, hath thy knee forgot to bow?- Old Salisbury, shame to thy silver hair, Thou mad misleader of thy brainsick son!
And then again he strove to put that from him, saying that what he had seen was but meet for one brainsick, and a dreamer of dreams.
His trident, and the huge Gyræan rock Smiting indignant, dash'd it half away; Part stood, and part, on which the boaster sat When, first, the brainsick fury seiz'd him, fell, Bearing him with it down into the gulphs Of Ocean, where he drank the brine, and died.
Why-what a brainsick vagabond art thou!

Examples of Brainsick

Example #1
What, wilt thou on thy death-bed play the ruffian, And seek for sorrow with thy spectacles?
Example #2
Take heed, lest by your heat you burn yourselves.
Example #3
But furthermore he thought, Yea, and was Arnold, who this last time had seen the images of those three, a dreamer of waking dreams?
Example #4
But lo, when he was quite steady in this doom, and his heart was lightened thereby, he found that he thought no more of the Reddings and their strife, but as matters that were passed and done with, and that now he was thinking and devising if by any means he might find out in what land dwelt those three.
Example #5
To the land's utmost point, where once his home Thyestes had, but where Thyestes' son Dwelt then, Ægisthus.
Example #6
Nor had he perish'd, hated as he was By Pallas, but for his own impious boast In frenzy utter'd that he would escape The billows, even in the Gods' despight.