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Definition of Braveness

  • The quality of state or being brave.
  • a quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear

How to use braveness in a sentence. Braveness pronunciation.

You say it is all "Comrades" and braveness out there at the front, and people don't think of themselves.
The day after we had seen Mrs. Box come in, I was praising the braveness of Lieutenant Hesselberger in venturing to rescue her.

Examples of Braveness

Example #1
Well, I don't think of myself veree much.
Example #2
Silly rot, as you boys call it.
Example #3
He had lived as a trader among the wildest Indians, spoke Spanish fluently, and knew the whole Western frontier like his pocket.
Example #4
We had for our driver a man named Brigham, to whom I had taken a great liking.