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Brendel wrote several things to me about the "Lohengrin" affair in Leipzig.
Brendel will publish his book within a few days.
To Brendel I have been owing a letter some time for his book; I don't know what to write to him.
Brendel will publish it completely before the middle of June; in the meantime it is appearing as a FEUILLETON in the "Weymar Official Gazette.
Brendel must have surprised you.
In my great trouble I wrote to Brendel some time ago, asking him whether he could get me amongst my Leipzig "admirers" 1,000 thalers on a bill at four or five months' date.
I have permitted myself a little indiscretion in Brendel's paper, and have written for the specimen number of the journal (which is going to have a new publisher), as well as for the first number of the new year, a few columns about your "Rhinegold.
If you have no objection to this close-which has already been published in Brendel's paper- appearing in this edition, be kind enough to give me your consent in a few lines, and address your letter, "Hotel Zur Kaiserin von Oestreich," Vienna, for which I start to-night.
You will then understand that I might well be annoyed, but the fault seems to lie less with Brendel than with the copyist of my manuscript, who has performed his task in a very perfunctory manner.
You will have to suffer much at the rehearsals, and have perhaps never undergone so hard a trial of patience as the re-writing and studying of this work, which to you is partly "ein uberwundener Standpunkt," as friend Brendel says.
I have taken the liberty of making use of the passage of your letter referring to the ready assistance you receive from the artists, and the management of the Grand Opera in Paris by Imperial command; and in the next number of Brendel's paper you will read something corresponding to your letter in the form of an original correspondence.
As I have named Brendel I should like to mention a request, viz., that you should publish the preface to the French translation of your dramas in Germany, simultaneously with the Paris edition, and that you should for that purpose send the ORIGINAL, probably written in German, either to Brendel or some publisher.
With your permission I should like to advocate the offer made to you by Brendel, concerning the performance of the second act of "Tristan," at the meeting of musicians (August 7th).
On prétendait que le cardinal allait revenir à Strasbourg, qu'il y avait même repris domicile, qu'il allait administrer son diocèse en se conformant aux lois nouvelles; on racontait que deux ecclésiastiques marquants, Zaiguélius et Brendel, venaient de prêter le serment civique à l'installation du tribunal de district, etc.
On y donna lecture d'une lettre de l'abbé Brendel, professeur de droit canon à l'Université catholique et membre du Conseil général de la commune, qui annonçait être prêt à obéir à la loi, et faisait remarquer seulement qu'il avait déjà prêté le serment constitutionnel en substance, lors de son installation comme notable, en novembre dernier.
Sur ce nombre, 317 voix se portèrent sur l'abbé Brendel.
Sur ces entrefaites, l'abbé Brendel arrivait lui-même à la séance et se voyait salué par des „applaudissements universels”.
Quoiqu'il eût été accusé déjà de velléités schismatiques, lors des querelles qui agitèrent le catholicisme allemand, vingt ans auparavant, à propos de la publication du livre de Fébronius contre l'autocratie pontificale, Brendel n'avait absolument rien d'un novateur ni d'un chef de parti religieux.
Assurément Brendel était meilleur prêtre et même plus intelligent que le cardinal de Rohan, mais il n'avait pas derrière lui, comme son rival, l'Eglise universelle tout entière et ne songea pas un seul instant à se produire comme apôtre ou martyr.
Puis ils faisaient un pompeux éloge de Brendel, „ce pasteur digne des premiers siècles et des plus beaux jours de l'Eglise par ses vertus, nouvel Ambroise, qui, demandé à la fois par deux religions, a paru confondre un instant tous les cultes dans des acclamations universelles.

Examples of Brendel

Example #1
In my opinion, nothing further can be done for the moment, and you have every reason to be calm and SATISFIED.
Example #2
The work is to be given at Berlin in six weeks.
Example #3
When you have read it, tell me your candid opinion.
Example #4
It would be a fine thing if Dresden were to offer him a brilliant REVANCHE, such as he deserves.
Example #5
All that is very well, and those who cannot do anything better should do what these people do, but I have no inclination that way any longer.
Example #6
If Joachim would like on the same occasion to let me hear something, I could easily get him a regular engagement for the festival.