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Jagged C. Gaillard C. Quaint C. Pinked C. Broaching C.
For as a torch or candle, as long as it hath life enough and is lighted, shines round about, disperses its light, delights those that are near it, yields them its service and clearness, and never causes any pain or displeasure; but as soon as 'tis extinguished, its smoke and evaporation infects the air, offends the bystanders, and is noisome to all; so, as long as those noble and renowned souls inhabit their bodies, peace, profit, pleasure, and honour never leave the places where they abide; but as soon as they leave them, both the continent and adjacent islands are annoyed with great commotions; in the air fogs, darkness, thunder, hail; tremblings, pulsations, agitations of the earth; storms and hurricanes at sea; together with sad complaints amongst the people, broaching of religions, changes in governments, and ruins of commonwealths.
Still, while endeavouring to recover himself, he shouted to others of the crew, who flew to the helm and prevented the ship from broaching to.
We're broaching a new keg to-day, though.
But let us go back a little farther, before broaching this question of sanitation.
L'Epinois, Galilee, Paris, 1867, lays stress, p. 14, on the broaching of the doctrine by De Cusa in 1435, and by Widmanstadt in 1533, and their kind treatment by Eugenius IV and Clement VII; but this is absolutely worthless in denying the papal policy afterward.
Godfather is out of sorts," Joey soliloquized sagely, and resolved to wait a day or two before broaching the subject of a loan.
Do you remember how savage you were long years ago at my broaching such a conjecture?
Morning found them greatly exhausted and barely able to keep their small craft from broaching to.
The boy seized the tiller, or the yawl, broaching, would have shipped a fatal sea.
Pulling with the sea is very easy work, if the boat be long enough to keep from broaching to,-that is, swinging sideways and rolling over, a performance which dories are apt to indulge in.
Lord Rampound sat with him at dinner, and he came near broaching the subject with him.
The establishment of her children was her constant thought by night and day, and in broaching this subject, Kaunitz was meeting her dearest wishes.
After leaving Martinico, we found, on broaching our provisions, that they were of bad quality, of the worst possible description.
Fritz said to Captain Brown, who stood close by the binnacle, keeping an eye to the two men who were now at the wheel steering; for, the ship required careful handling in the heavy sea that was running to prevent her from broaching to, and it needed very prompt action frequently to jam down the helm in time, so as to let her fall off her course before some threatening mountain of water that bore down on her bows.
In spite of his sister's confident assurance that the time was ripe for him to speak to Billy, William delayed some days before broaching the matter to her.
Thence to Wotton's, the shoemaker, and there bought another pair of new boots, for the other I bought my last would not fit me, and here I drank with him and his wife, a pretty woman, they broaching a vessel of syder a-purpose for me.
As for Nalini, he knew that something was in the wind, but carefully avoided broaching the subject to his brother, lest he should widen the breach.
With great pretended spiritual motions, And many fine whimsical notions, With blind zeal and large devotions, With broaching rebellion and raising commotions, And poisoning the people with Geneva potions; 'Tis a new teacher, etc.
Their excitement was ready to take the slightest hint of mischief; old chairs, broken tables, odd drawers, smashed chests, were rapidly and skilfully heaped into a pyramid, and one, who at the first broaching of the idea had gone for live coals the speedier to light up the fire, came now through the crowd with a large shovelful of red-hot cinders.

Examples of Broaching

Example #1
What do they say to this?
Example #2
What do you give 'em then?
Example #3
Those of the town defended themselves as well as they could, but their shot passed over us without doing us any hurt at all.
Example #4
Whereupon the Gargantuists betook themselves unto the valleys, to give the ordnance leave to play and range with the larger scope.
Example #5
Though she was running at the time under bare poles at the rate of scarcely less than eight knots an hour, for a moment the violence of the shock stopped her way, and many thinking that she had struck on a rock, shouted out, "We are lost!
Example #6
The admiral, too, was thrown from his seat and, as were several officers round him, cast with his face on the deck.