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The Lives of the Younger Brothers,” but which are all nothing more nor less than a lot of sensational recitals, with which the Younger brothers never had the least association.
It is therefore my purpose to give an authentic and absolutely correct history of the lives of the “Younger Brothers,” in order that I may, if possible, counteract in some measure at least, the harm that has been done my brothers and myself, by the blood and thunder accounts of misdeeds, with which relentless sensationalists have charged us, but which have not even the suggestion of truth about them, though doubtless they have had everything to do with coloring public opinion.
O brothers,” I said to those who heard me first in America—“O brothers!

Examples of Brothers

Example #1
One publishing house alone is selling sixty varieties of these books, and I venture to say that in the whole lot there could not be found six pages of truth.
Example #2
WHY THIS BOOK IS HERE Many may wonder why an old “guerrilla” should feel called upon at this late day to rehearse the story of his life.
Example #3
In this account I propose to set out the little good that was in my life, at the same time not withholding in any way the bad, with the hope of setting right before the world a family name once honored, but which has suffered disgrace by being charged with more evil deeds than were ever its rightful share.
Example #4
The stage, too, has its lurid dramas in which we are painted in devilish blackness.
Example #5
Your heart was never in the Church, Harry,” the widow said, in her sweet low tone, as they walked away together.
Example #6
The thought of such a misery smites me down in submission before the Ruler of kings and men, the Monarch Supreme over empires and republics, the inscrutable Dispenser of life, death, happiness, victory.