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How to use brownish-red in a sentence. Brownish-red pronunciation.

Under parts bright yellow, in the male streaked with rich brownish-red.
In the wall were three rows of deep niches with arched ceilings, while on the pillars, exquisitely painted upon a brownish-red ground, were the Genius of Death lowering his torch before an offering-altar, and Orpheus, who had released his wife from the realm of shadows and was now bearing her to the upper world.
From the large wadded sleeves of the /casaquin/ issued two withered but still vigorous arms, at the ends of which flourished her hands, their brownish-red color making the white arms look like poplar-wood.

Examples of Brownish-red

Example #1
A Summer Citizen of the greater part of North America, nesting in orchards and bushes, and going to the tropics in winter.
Example #2
Upper parts rich olive-yellow, brightest on the rump and crown, but dark brown on wings and tail, with the inside half of each tail-feather yellow, and some yellow edgings on the wing-feathers.
Example #3
Many of the niches were still empty, but in some stood vases of semi- transparent alabaster.
Example #4
It was in the form of a strong wall, bounded by two tall pillars.
Example #5
These hands, hooked or contracted from the habit of knitting, might be called a stocking-machine incessantly at work; the phenomenon would have been had they stopped.
Example #6
Her body was encased in the /casaquin/ of Brittany, a species of spencer made of the same cloth as the /cotillon/, adorned with a collarette of many pleats, the washing of which caused the only dispute she ever had with her sister-in-law,-her habit being to change it only once a week.