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A Welsh preaching hillman, carried away by the triumph of the moment, gave the great tragedy the bugle-note of human joy and pride.
Suddenly, high above the jubilant roar and thunder of the revel, broke the clear peal of a bugle-note.
It is but a few days since Fremont's Virginia Body-Guard-now that of General Sigel-made a bold dash into Fredericksburg, rivalling the glory of their predecessors; but, though every one of Fremont's campaigns should boast a Body-Guard, and every Guard immortalize a new Springfield, the crown of crowns will always rest on the gallant little major and his dauntless few whose high enthusiasm broke the spell of universal disaster, sounding the bugle-notes of victory through the dreary silence of national despair.

Examples of Bugle-note

Example #1
Ian Stafford and Brengyn and Jim Gawley had conquered.
Example #2
A huddled group at the pit's mouth, and men and women running toward it; a sharp voice of command, and the crowd falling back, making way for men who carried limp bodies past; then suddenly, out of wild murmurs and calls, a cry of victory like the call of a muezzin from the tower of a mosque-a resonant monotony, in which a dominant principle cries.
Example #3
There was instant silence-a deep hush; then a single voice rose-that of the messenger from the palace-and began to pipe forth a proclamation, the whole multitude standing listening.
Example #4
The bold stranger caught up the Prince in his arms, and was soon far away from danger and the multitude. Return we within the Guildhall.
Example #5
General Fremont's practice in the West was invariably to educate his raw troops in the presence of an enemy.
Example #6
Its short and brilliant career lacks nothing which chivalry find romance could lend, to render it the brightest passage in the history of the war.