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How to use bullseye in a sentence. Bullseye pronunciation.

We bought peppermint bullseyes with the fourpence I had over, and the others wanted to know where we got the money, but we would not tell.
We got no treasure out of this, unless you count the peppermint bullseyes.
These windows were mere bullseye affairs, swinging on pivots.

Examples of Bullseye

Example #1
Only afterwards when Noel came home we told him, because they were his flowers, and he said it was quite right.
Example #2
I like the way she does her hair.
Example #3
But Oswald himself has never bragged about it.
Example #4
Who was so dear to his faithful heart.
Example #5
Pushing one open, Ralph saw a four oared boat pulling rapidly for the schooner.
Example #6
The Curlew Puts to Sea.