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How to use business-it in a sentence. Business-it pronunciation.

Yes, and, what's more, I'll help do the carrying part of the business,-it would be mean to sneak out of that,-and I'll shoulder any sort of a load that's put out on the sand in the daylight.
After all, I had no business-it's something of a liberty.
For hardened criminals -that is to say, for the people who make crime a business-it would probably be better to separate the sexes; to send the men to one island, the women to another.

Examples of Business-it

Example #1
But, captain, I don't want to do anything to make me look into that hole.
Example #2
After a time Shirley felt very much better, and able to walk.
Example #3
I am greatly indebted to you.
Example #4
I should guard myself against these things.
Example #5
Let them be kept apart, to the end that people with criminal tendencies may fade from the earth.
Example #6
Women who have a criminal tendency should be placed where they cannot increase their kind.