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Definition of Butterman

  • A man who makes or sells butter.

How to use butterman in a sentence. Butterman pronunciation.

So the manufacturer weaves bad silk, and makes shoddy cloth, and the wine-merchant doctors his wine, and the brewer his ale, and the milkman puts water into his milk, and the butterman sells butter made of Thames mud, and the calico is dressed with chalk, and the ready-made clothes come to pieces because the thread's ends are not fastened, and the farm work is half done, and the whole trade and commerce of the country is one great system of adulteration and petty cheating.
Billings the butterman; Sharwood, the turner and blacking-maker; and the Honourable Phelin O'Curragh, Lord Scullabogue's son, made speeches.
II.-_Small Butterman's shop in a poor neighbourhood.
Nothing short of omniscience can divine what visions of the baker, or the green-grocer, or the smart and most insinuating butterman, are flitting across her mind—what thoughts of how she would dress on such an occasion, if she were a lady—of how she would dress, if she were only a bride—of how cook would dress, being bridesmaid, conjointly with her sister ‘in place’ at Fulham, and how the clergyman, deeming them so many ladies, would be quite humbled and respectful.

Examples of Butterman

Example #1
I. Abraham was a very scrupulous man.
Example #2
There is nothing for it but to be just a little bit dishonest.
Example #3
Whenever I come here, my aunt trots out all my relations; and I send a man round in the mornin to ask how they all are.
Example #4
So Uncle Hobson is gone to bed sick with a hookah?
Example #5
Burly white-apron'd Proprietor behind counter.
Example #6
To him enter a pasty-faced Workman, with a greasy pat of something wrapped in a leaf from a ledger.