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How to use buzurg in a sentence. Buzurg pronunciation.

But the consuls-general, being cognizant of the truth, continued to act with moderation, until Mírzá Buzurg _Kh_án of Qazvín became consul-general in Ba_gh_dád.
So when Mírzá Buzurg _Kh_án failed to effect and accomplish the designs of his heart by such actions also, he ill-advisedly fell to reflecting how he might grieve and humiliate [the Bábís].
Brother: Your loving letter of October 17th has come duly to hand dealing with the question of publishing the Guardian’s telegram with regard to Mírzá Buzurg in the German Bahá’í News.

Examples of Buzurg

Example #1
And since no one could speak freely on this matter at that court which is the pivot of justice, whilst just ministers aware [of the true state of the case] also regarded silence as their best policy, the ‘Iráq question, through these misrepresentations and rumors, assumed gravity in Ṭihrán, and was enormously exaggerated.
Example #2
Now since this person was wont to pass the greater portion of his time in a state of intoxication and was devoid of foresight, he became the accomplice and confederate of those _Sh_ay_kh_s in ‘Iráq, and girded up his loins stoutly to destroy and demolish.
Example #3
Every day he sought some pretext for offering insult, aroused some disturbance and tumult, and raised up the banner of mischief, until the matter came nigh to culminating in the sudden outbreak of a riot, the lapse of the reins of control from the hand, and the precipitation of [men’s] hearts into disquietude and perturbation and [their] minds into anguish and agony.
Example #4
But the Bábís passed the time in calmness and silence, without in any way altering their behavior and conduct.
Example #5
This cablegram has been published in all Bahá’í News and therefore there should be no objection to it being published in the German News.
Example #6
When the Guardian speaks of no publicity, he refers specifically to newspaper publicity or other types of publicity before the public....