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How to use call-a in a sentence. Call-a pronunciation.

There comes a sudden call,-a sudden death-sickness or accident cuts them off.
For some reason, when these years were over, the boy began to have what is so often known as "a call"-a sort of instinct that he was to attain renown.
This last to her who had hurried to his call-a youngish woman, as bright, as cosy, as cheery, but far prettier than the inn itself.

Examples of Call-a

Example #1
Dead impenitence settles over the soul, which no longer wishes for anything better, which feels no desire for pardon.
Example #2
In one of two ways.
Example #3
Unfortunately it happened that about this time (1814) he and his parents removed to Paris, which was his home by choice, until his death in 1850.
Example #4
In fact, in Louis Lambert he has set before us a picture of his own boyish life, very much as Dickens did of his in David Copperfield.
Example #5
She do be well, sir, I 'ope, an' comin' home to the great house soon, Mr. Anthony?
Example #6
Its twinkling lattices open to the sunny air showed a vision of homely comfort within; its hospitable door gaped wide upon an inviting chamber floored with red tile, and before it stood a tall, youngish man in shirtsleeves with the brightest eyes, the cheeriest smile and the blackest whiskers I had ever seen.