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How to use called-of in a sentence. Called-of pronunciation.

My eldest daughter attends at five every morning in a neighbouring establishment, to acquire the process-if process it may be called-of milking cows.
They are there to be bought by any one fancying them, and therein lies the charm-if charm it can be called-of these places.
The chief tribunal-high council so called-of the country soon gave evidence that the "Sharp Resolution" had judged rightly in reckoning on its hostility and in nullifying its decisions in advance.

Examples of Called-of

Example #1
My younger children are instructed to observe, as closely as circumstances will permit, the habits of the pigs and poultry maintained in the poorer parts of this city: a pursuit from which they have, on two occasions, been brought home, within an inch of being run over.
Example #2
She is engaged to be married to a most worthy and deserving man in her own station of life.
Example #3
A stranger has nothing to do but walk down the steps, enter the saloon, seat himself at a table, and he will immediately be besieged by a crowd of girls-if that be what he is seeking.
Example #4
It is a safe conclusion, that no waiter girl in a concert saloon is virtuous, nor was there ever a really good girl engaged in any such saloon.
Example #5
They decided by a majority vote that the Resolution ought not to be obeyed, but set aside.
Example #6
He is much beloved and followed both of soldiers and people," said the English ambassador, "he is a man 'innoxiae popularitatis' so as this jealousy cannot well be fastened upon him; and in this cause of religion he stirred not until within these few months he saw he must declare himself or suffer the better party to be overborne.