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How to use camp-eater in a sentence. Camp-eater pronunciation.

IYA, THE CAMP-EATER FROM the tall grass came the voice of a crying babe.
Out in the open he whispered to the frightened young woman: "Iya, the camp-eater, has come in the guise of a babe.
Warriors with long knives rushed forth and slew the camp-eater. Lo!

Examples of Camp-eater

Example #1
The huntsmen who were passing nigh heard and halted.
Example #2
In silence the hunter stood aside, while the happy father and mother caressed their baby boy grown tall.
Example #3
Had you gone to sleep, he would have jumped out into his own shape and would have devoured our camp.
Example #4
The singing of men and women, the beating of the drum, the rattling of deer-hoofs strung like bells on a string, these were the sounds they heard.
Example #5
Thus Iya was killed; and no more are the camp grounds in danger of being swallowed up in a single night time.
Example #6
With perspiration beading his brow he strove to wiggle his slender legs beneath his giant form.