Cant in a sentence

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How to use cant in a sentence. Cant pronunciation.

I can’t” between themselves and their opportunity.
The more you say, “I can’t,” the weaker you will feel; and the weaker you feel, the less courage you will have to attempt anything.
I can’t,” and do nothing.
I can’t,” and begin believing God.

Examples of Cant

Example #1
Oh yes, it ought to be done, and they would like to do it, but there is that wall in the way.
Example #2
They see work to be done, they see plenty of opportunities for doing effective service, but they distrust their ability.
Example #3
It is certain that we can not do anything if we do not try.
Example #4
It leaves no room for the operation of faith; it increases weakness.
Example #5
Have you not had many chastisements because of doing thus?
Example #6
The trouble is, you do not give him a chance to help.