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On the whole, they are very distinct in their fossils from the two upper divisions of the Antwerp Crag before mentioned (Chapter 13), and contain shells of the genera Oliva, Conus, Ancillaria, Pleurotoma, and Cancellaria in abundance.
Not a few of these testacea agree with English Eocene species, such as Actaeon simulatus, Sowb, Cancellaria evulsa, Brander, Corbula pisum (Figure 157), and Nautilus (Aturia) ziczac.
These beds rest on the Lower Headon, and are considered as the equivalent of the middle part of the Headon series, many of the shells being common to the brackish-water or Middle Headon beds of Colwell and Whitecliff Bays, such as Cancellaria muricata, Sowerby, Fusus labiatus, Sowerby, etc.
Thus many species of Conus and Voluta occur, a large Cypraea, C. oviformis, a very large Rostellaria (Figure 209), a species of Cancellaria, six species of Nautilus (Figure 211), besides other Cephalopoda of extinct genera, one of the most remarkable of which is the Belosepia (Figure 212).

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Example #1
Plagiaulax Becklesii, jaw and molar of.
Example #2
The most common shell is an Olive (Figure 146), called by Nyst Oliva Dufresnii; and constituting, as M. Bosquet observes, a smaller and shorter variety of the Bordeaux species.
Example #3
Senarmont on action of water in metamorphism.
Example #4
They are accompanied by many teeth of sharks, as Lamna contortidens, Ag.
Example #5
In these beds at Brockenhurst, corals, ably described by Dr. Duncan, have recently been found in abundance and perfection; see Figure 180, Solenastraea cellulosa.
Example #6
At Brockenhurst, near Lyndhurst, in the New Forest, marine strata have recently been found containing fifty-nine shells, of which many have been described by Mr. Edwards.