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Final subjugation of the Cantabri by Agrippa; the whole Spanish peninsula subject to Rome. 15.
These the cavalry pursued over the very open plains, and after leaving scarcely a fourth part out of the number of 50,000, which it was certain had assembled out of Aquitania and from the Cantabri, returned late at night to the camp.
These matters being settled, reinforcements of horse and foot were demanded from Lusitania, by Petreius; from the Celtiberi, Cantabri, and all the barbarous nations which border on the ocean, by Afranius.

Examples of Cantabri

Example #1
The Rhaetians and Vindelicians subdued by Drassus and Tiberius, at the head of the Roman troops.
Example #2
Aelius Gallus, governor of Egypt, fails in an expedition into Arabia.
Example #3
The enemy, surrounded on all sides, [and] all their affairs being despaired of, made great attempts to cast themselves down over the ramparts and to seek safety in flight.
Example #4
And then, a shout being heard in that quarter, our men, their strength having been recruited (which usually occurs on the hope of victory), began to fight more vigorously.
Example #5
When they were raised, Petreius immediately marched through the Vettones to Afranius.
Example #6
Petreius was to march from Lusitania through the Vettones, and join Afranius with all his forces; Varro was to guard all Further Spain with what legions he had.