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Oppida ne CALCA VALLAta ad praelia, quoerens, Sisonitum capias ecce tibi est Volupe.
After one year's residence in Wilberforce, I found it necessary to return to Rochester to settle some unfinished business; and when on my way thither I stopped at London, where I found Lewis, who had not only preceded me but had taken out a _capias_, for forty pounds currency.
Associated words: capias, warrant. arrogance, n. hauteur, superciliousness, insolence, haughtiness, lordliness, contumely. arrogant, a.
More before William Brampton, mayor of the staple of Westminster, and Thomas Alby and William Askham, constables of the said staple, and on that day the Mayor and the constables issued a writ of capias against Edmund and John to answer Mark and be before the Mayor and the constables at the next court.

Examples of Capia

Example #1
Hic liquor est molLIS BONus, aptus ad omnia laeta.
Example #2
Dum lucet CLARE Te magis iste trahat. _Literary Gazette_.
Example #3
I was therefore obliged to get bail for my appearance at court, after which I pursued my journey.
Example #4
Instead of atoning for the wrong already done me, he made it the basis of a deeper injury.
Example #5
See haughty. arrow, n. dart; matras.
Example #6
Antonyms: disarrangement, confusion, chaos. arrest, v. apprehend; stop, check, restrain; stunt, dwarf. arrest, n. apprehension, capture, detention; custody, duress; stoppage, restraint, interruption, hindrance, prevention.