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How to use captain-a in a sentence. Captain-a pronunciation.

We have got a splendid captain-a man in whom I can thoroughly trust, and a crew of as smart, handy, useful fellows as I could have wished for.
They had not forgotten the octopus incident either, and they now appointed their serang to wait upon the captain-a kind of "one-man" deputation-to persuade him, if possible, to sail for fresh fishing-grounds.
The encounter was so sudden, so absolutely unexpected on the part of the Englishmen, that almost before they realised the presence of the Spaniards the latter-who had heard Dick and Phil talking together as they approached-had surrounded them, rendering flight an impossibility, and in a trice the pair were disarmed and, hemmed in by an escort of a dozen armed men, conducted to the spot where the captain-a tall, dark, handsome man, in full armour, but without a helmet-with his horse standing beside him, was reclining against the trunk of an enormous pine.
He's now a captain-a navy captain, according to what she says.

Examples of Captain-a

Example #1
Two days later the start had been made, with everything as ready as the combined efforts of the doctor's and Captain Chubb's experience could contrive, and with his face all smiles Dr Robson stood beside Rodd, watching the receding shore as they, to use the skipper's words, bowled down Channel.
Example #2
They have all proved themselves not only eager and active, but as much interested as so many boys.
Example #3
At first Jensen tried to persuade them to remain in the same latitudes, which is not to be wondered at, seeing the harvest he had secured; but they would not listen to this, and at last he was compelled to direct his ship towards some other quarter.
Example #4
This adventure made our Malay crew very anxious to leave these regions.
Example #5
A quarter of an hour later, as they rounded a bend in the road, they made the exceedingly unwelcome discovery that they had walked right into the midst of a party of some fifty Spanish soldiers who, having recently partaken of breakfast, were now resting by the roadside until the fog should clear.
Example #6
But the friends decided that this was of little consequence, since the road, though its surface was broken up and much overgrown, was still easily distinguishable; accordingly they plunged into the wood without hesitation.