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How to use captain in a sentence. Captain pronunciation.

The contract, which was signed by six witnesses, one of whom was “the King’s captain,” was dated at Babylon in the twenty-sixth year of Darius.
This queer captain,” he said, “is as full of whims as a spoilt child!
Your pity leads you astray, captain,” I replied.
To my regret, captain,” I replied, but with reserve, for I wanted him to make the running.
Yes, yes, captain,” answered Holt, as he looked about him with a searching gaze, “but who saved me?
It is very clear, captain,” replied the boatswain.

Examples of Captain

Example #1
Another contract relates to one of the boats of the pontoon-bridge which ran across the Euphrates and connected the two parts of Babylon together: “[Two] manehs ten shekels of white (silver), coined in one-shekel pieces, not standard, from Musezib, the son of Pisaram, to Sisku, the son of Iddinâ, the son of Egibi.
Example #2
Nebo-baladan takes the responsibility for the management (?) of the ship.
Example #3
It is to be hoped he will not change his mind again at the last moment.
Example #4
His comment upon it was characteristic.
Example #5
Why should they not still be there, awaiting their deliverance?
Example #6
Sir,” replied the captain, “since Arthur Pym and Dirk Peters were able to advance beyond Tsalal Island farther than the eighty-third parallel, since they found means of living in the midst of those Antarctic lands, why should not their companions, if they were not all killed by the natives, if they were so fortunate as to reach the neighbouring islands sighted during the voyage-why should not those unfortunate countrymen of mine have contrived to live there?