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How to use captain-he in a sentence. Captain-he pronunciation.

The "old man" was the captain-he is always called so, on steamboats and ships; "Jim" was the other pilot.
It was after the death of her eldest daughter, a promising girl of eighteen, her own health having suffered so exceedingly from the shock, that her son Walter, fearing for her life, effected an exchange, and being ordered to return with his regiment to England-for he now held his father's rank of captain-he succeeded in persuading his mother to accompany him with his sisters.
If I was like my captain-he can see things inside his head before the firing begins, and he shakes all over, but he knows too much to run away-if I was like him I could pull the guns.

Examples of Captain-he

Example #1
Within two minutes both of these men were flying up the pilothouse stairway, three steps at a jump.
Example #2
Jim was in his shirt sleeves,-with his coat and vest on his arm.
Example #3
Captain Cameron had fallen in an engagement, two or three years after Mrs. Fortescue's departure; and out of seven apparently healthy children, which had been hers when Ellen knew her, only three now remained.
Example #4
She had returned to England, for India had become painful to her, from the many bereavements which had there unhappily darkened her lot.
Example #5
But if I were as wise as all that I should never be here.
Example #6
I should be a king in the forest, as I used to be, sleeping half the day and bathing when I liked.